Ever since his painting popped up as a screensaver, I have tried imitating some of Wassily Kandinsky‘s canvasses.  

I have never succeeded. 

Today was another strike out as I gessoed out another canvas. 

For designs that seem so . . . elementary . . . his are quite complicated, especially for one who likes  fuzzy forgiving edges that some of my painting mentors create.

I am not great with straight lines.

gessoed out


Seems like it’s as hard to paint abstract impressions  as it is to write about them. I am having a devil of a time trying to write truthfully and fairly about this times.  

 Every writer has to compose life into the unity of a picture, and, if he cannot do so, he is a mere scribbler of things that do not matter. ~Robert Lynd, “The Old Game,” Solomon in All His Glory, 1923

So yes . . . I am painting another room little dribs and drabs of this and that.

gessoed out


Still listening to David McCullough’s bio of Truman. How little I knew about the times though which I lived, and presumed to say I understood. 

David McCullough writes in such a way, that expands and frames  historical markers so that I understand a bit more about the “unknowns” menacing so many decisions Harry Truman made. 

This biography, like a few others to which I’ve listened remind me no, there was no softer, gentler time to which we can return. I do hope, however, the character and conduct of our leaders today will reveal the integrity, courage and commonsense  of Mr. Truman and many who served then. Something to pray about, anyway.   

 I aim to read next a biography of George C. Marshall; also to  get started on more seasonal paintings. 

Absolutely stunned at how fast this year has gone! How time flies

If Summer on the ladder lingers,
Autumn tramples upon her fingers,
Fleeing before the jostling train
Of Winter, and Spring, and Summer again.
Year swallows year and licks its lips,
Then down the gullet of next year slips.
~Ogden Nash (1902–1971), “Time Marches On”

Meanwhile, I ‘ve made more greeting cards from some of my paintings . . . Now to  find time to write letters! Truman wrote many!

greeting cards

Note: Thanks to Quotegarden.com for pithy quotes!

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