I can get a second wind at odd times, like shortly after 10 PM when many sane people are wrapping up their days. A burst of inspiration will wipe out my common sense and I will tackle a project better begun in the morning.

Case in point: Christmas gift mugs.

I set out to create fun galleries of my photos of my paintings and favorite quotes for coffee mugs: gifts for friends and family.  (Overlook, please, the implicit vanity in this ambition.) I had such a good time reviewing, selecting, and rearranging the pictures, I forgot the time.

Because I was oh-so sure of my theme quote from Paul Newman I forgot to proof read what I couldn’t cut and past.


Late Night Creativity

If you have a pulse you have a purpose reads If you have a pluse you have a purpose.


Never say, “oops.” Always say, “Ah, interesting.” ~Author unknown

Fatigue isn’t the best tool for homemade gifts. Neither is over-confidence.

Years ago, I wanted to bake a chocolate cake for our son; I had made it so many times, I could have put it together blindfolded.  (The World’s Easiest Chocolate Recipe) Had I had a blindfold on, I might have had an excuse for forgetting the sugar.

Never can I forget his little face when he sampled what looked like it might be a delish slice of cake. He’s never asked me to bake anything since.

Sometimes, there just aren’t enough alerts that warn us of our carelessness or overconfidence; that is until it’s too late for a do-over.

There’s a reason I don’t have my own cable craft and cooking show. Let me know if you’d like a mug. ;-)

 Just because you make mistakes doesn’t mean you are one. ~Author Unknown



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