An Omen for a Slow Recovery

This morning, peeling a Clementine what did I find but mold lurking in its inmost parts? MOLD! Ugh – a real life reflection of what this virus feels like! It’s a good thing I’ve given up omens!


Is This an Omen?(!)

It isn’t much of a stretch to imagine  mold reflects what seems to be going on in our country – no, in the world.


It’s disgusting, heart-breaking, or knee-knocking terrifying.   And of course, with the technology – the news is pervasive.

But with the apparently omnipresent technology comes a video from Physics-Astronomy that reminds me to get a grip, and quite griping! (Please click the link.)

It’s hard to take yourself too seriously when you look at the world from outer space. (Thomas K. Mattingly II, Apollo XVI astronaut)

When I watched it, an old gospel song reverberated. So, why should I feel discouraged? (Please sing out loud! His Eye is on the Sparrow!)

No adjectives properly describe God’s size or infiniteness. The measure of Him exhausts our measurements of His creation — David and Isaiah spoke of it. Their words refresh me, reviving and renewing me in these uncertain times.*

  • If I ascend to the heavens – You are there, Lord.
  • The earth is Your footstool, and
  • Your law scrubs away the mold consuming my inner being.

Yes, this has been a slower recovery than I expected, but a snail’s pace is still movement. Last evening we resumed our walking – albeit a shortened stroll, a stroll nonetheless. If I believed in omens, I like this one!

Simple pleasures are delightful treasures.

Thought for the Day:

Take a quiet moment and put your “world” in perspective. (A New Day. 365 Meditations for Personal and Spiritual Growth, page 39)

Here are some helps:

* Psalm 139:8; Isaiah 66:1; Psalm 19:12-13

Another melody to minister to you, dear reader!  In Christ Alone



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