This year we gave each other bird feeders, complementing the one our daughter gave Doug last year; last year: remember that? Me, either.

That single feeder, located outside the dining room window brought so much diversion and pleasure we figured let’s multiply it!

But the squirrels created challenges; they, too are hungry. It was cute until they knocked one feeder catawampus in their craftiness. So, Doug greased the bird feeder’s pole. Seriously. He marched right outside with a tube of Vaseline and covered the pole!

greased poles

COVID-19 feels like SOMEONE greased the poles of my life.


God has had a hand in this mess that is today? (This Virus Did Not Catch God by Surprise)

So much for asking God to show Himself real. (Time for an Anchor Check)

God help me understand when I am slipping, that You have reasons for afflicting Your people. (1 Peter 4:17)

Shall we I accept good from You, Lord, but not be willing to accept Your chastening? That’s what today’s sermon was about. (Lamentations 4)

It’s tempting to just look for another way to get what I want – hunt out an ungreased pole. But, like my friend Peter asked, Where would I go? Only Christ has words of life and hope, even if they are hard to hear and apply.

I am glad that even if life feels like a greased pole, this is the season of Christmas carols; carols with all those fourth and fifth verses, we sometimes skip over. (Calm, Christmas Carols, and Coffee)

Maybe that’s why the instrumental, orchestral versions abound.

Nevertheless I am glad for these melodies that stir up my dusty memory, reminding me God did not die and leave me  in charge.

Dear readers,  hear is a satisfying arrangement of a true truth: Joy to the World, by Cindy Bauchspies.

greased poles

Some Seasonal Color?

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