griping is a waste of breath

Griping Is Not a Good Use of Free Speech

Griping seems to wax as control wanes; it seems to be a mainstay of many social conversations. And, thanks to two decades of talk radio, social media and 24/7 cable television, I see and hear that griping, tempting as it is, is not the best use of my freedom of speech.

Griping is not a propensity that improves with age. The joy and terror lurking in the golden years –a.k.a  an autumn’s garden — is relinquishing duties, obligations, responsibilities, and control. Old age – maturity – is scary, lonely, and painful.

  • Will we outlive our resources?
  • Good friends and family depart, and
  • The old body doesn’t cooperate – except for the tongue.

That muscle can keep right on working when our minds, knees, hips and feet fail us! (James 3:6)

When I feel age entitles me to speak my mind, and I indulge my gripes . . . until Paul reins me in. (Philippians 2:14)  In his letter to the Philippians, what he told them applies to me: complaining — even in a soft voice — is saying:

God has not done enough for me; I deserve more than what God has provided.

That really isn’t what I mean . . . is it?

A picture is worth a thousand words – and so is a timely meme. How fortunate for me, though that one person used social media, Facebook, to readjust my focus.

  • What is “good” is not getting my way.
  • What is “good” is to be near God. See Psalm 73

Today may be a wild and scary day – it’s not over yet, if it hasn’t been one. I am praying to express my opinions carefully . . . not confusing the pundits, politicians and pontificators’ freedom to speak their minds with a sound pattern for mine.

Would you like to join a PRAISE Choir? Sing along — it’s good for your old lungs!

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Faith is a conscious expression of the power of the Holy Spirit. C. John Miller

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