an old friend fixed my blog

An Old Friend I’ve yet to Meet Fixed my Blog

Fifty years ago, I never missed “StarTrek” – and thought that all the gadgetry on the sets – like talking computers, and communicators – were hundreds of years in the future. 1   Now, like James Kirk, I can communicate across if not the galaxies, across the States with a sympathetic and savvy friend who helps me.

A friend, Kate Megill , has helped me reestablish my humble blog. Something went wrong last week, and the blog imported pictures that I did not select. So, we worked together, via email and phones, to fix the problem,  both having access to the site through a shared password. She knows a great deal about the stuff of web design; I know precious little – but with her help, I am learning.

Our friendship goes back, I am going to say 25 years ~ but who’s counting? I have never formally met Kate; our friendship began and continues because of the Internet, specifically through the CHFWeb, an early hangout for homeschooling moms from all-over. We shared all kinds of prayer requests, homeschooling and homemaking tips, and even then Kate was kind enough to edit some of my stuff.

Fifty years ago, our paths might never have crossed – but today I have a friend whose voice I know better than her face. And she knows how to fix stuff on my computer, long distance! Even Scotty would be impressed!

What is fascinating about the recent adventures is

  • that some thing, invisible to my eyes, and from who knows where, corrupted what I was seeing on the screen,
  • there was a fix, equally invisible until it materialized on the screen of my computer, and
  • and a friend walked me through the correction and improvement.

My take away from this little life experience, is that what can go wrong in my heart and brain begins as an imperceptible corruption of thoughts or feelings, or memories. And WHAM – what’s messed up on the inside becomes perceptible on my face, or in my demeanor . . . or actions and words.

A pep talk, a warning, or pleading   isn’t enough – I need an inside out change. Like my ailing blog site, I need someone who knows my inner workings and has a range of solutions. None of even my dearest and best friends can do that – including my husband who knows me pretty well.

I believe God can and does redeem my brokenness. (Psalm 51) And I believe He teaches and re-teaches lessons, that I never quite master. He knows me like an open book; there’s nowhere I can go, where He isn’t there waiting for me. (Psalm 139)

Everyday lessons abound – and reminders that God leaves His fingerprints all over creation and my heart. But, I heard someone once say of herself, “I’m a slow learner and fast forgetter.” Trying to appropriate blogging skills, Kate and I know that describes me. Reading the Psalms, and accounts of Christ disciples, I know God is patient with slow learners.

A kindhearted, knowledgeable friend is a treasure – especially in these crazy, uncertain times.   How much more my God?

1 Star Trek Gadgets

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