Someone shared a photo of an owl hidden in plain sight in a wood awhile back. I loved it, and set about to paint it. Doug said I just should have painted a tee and put a couple of burning eyes in, and add a white halo.

He had a point. I might have finished sooner.

But tonight, color me done and the owl, finished.


He’s Done

As the critter gazes out; I’d rather not think about what’s in its line of sight, given the nature of owls. While owls  are not  sweet little critters, they are favorite  subject for me.

The first owl was a needlepoint kit I bought in Gump’s, in San Francisco, on the first leg of our ‘round the world honeymoon.  I was still learning how to “do” needlepoint, and wanted not only a pattern to follow, but also pre-selected colored wool. The kit included instructions, illustrations, and needles – no scissors.  (Scissors, or wool cutters are essential tools for serious needle pointers.) Yet, over the course of five weeks, with the aid of my groom’s nail clippers, I finished it

not perfect

Owls I have finished

Fast forward several decades and I painted my first owl, from a photograph. Others have emerged, surprising me as I started painting each canvas. I hope to keep surprising myself.


not perfect

Owls that have come out I wasn’t expecting

Not sure what’s next. Our daughter-in-law gave me a giant canvas that is daring me to get busy.  God willing, after Christmas, I will have an idea.

Norman Gilbert, an artist I “met” on Facebook painted into his 90’s, and showed how the good ideas can flourish. And the most commonplace arrangements can be pleasing.

Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do. ~Edgar Degas

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