Holiday Blog Letter

Writing a Blog Should Make Writing A Holiday Letter Easy, Right?

I wonder if Blogs are the offspring of Christmas letters. You’d think after a year of writing about the stuff in my life, I’d have enough for a two or three paragraph holiday letter.

Apparently not.

But If I Had Written A Holiday Letter, Here Goes:

Hello All,

We had a busy year – but I can’t remember half of it. We move slower than last year; but we are moving!

Last year, at this time, cold bugs had robbed me of my charm. This year, I oh so grateful NOT to be laid low by the seasonal bugs!

This year, 2016, for all the blessings we have experienced through it, has delivered a few punches that knocked us back, as it knocked our friends, family, and our great nation off our pins.   The world is still reeling from wars and rumors of wars. I can’t believe what we are capable of doing to each other – Not exactly a swell Happy Holiday greeting!

We humans are a bunch of mean buggers – except for thee and me – and I hope NONE cross our paths in the new year!

Aren’t You Glad I didn’t Write It?

That’s not exactly good copy for a Christmas letter.

In my humble blog I struggle with looking at life and wondering if the glass is half-empty or half-full, from the brass in my golden years, to all the stuff that may make you stop and wonder, too, dear reader, What’s It All About Alfie?

It’s a wrestling match that both invigorates me and saddens me. As did the MEME that reminded both glasses are refillable!

The sum of it all is what I keep discovering throughout the year: the Manger is empty – for good reason.

That blessed Babe whose birth we just celebrated, lives and is praying for thee and me to get a grip, and think outside the wonderful box our lives may be. (Hebrews 7:25)

A tune I never get tired of singing, I offer again to you and yours, So You Would Know peace, joy and hope in the days ahead.

And here again is a worthy year-end — or beginning list worth pondering too! Praying we both make the most of the hours we are given– much love to you and yours!

How to Write A Holiday Letter to Myself

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