for folks who want to be President

A Question for the Folks Who Want to be President.

A President Might Profit from Knowing How to Garden

A chilly breeze propelled our walk – keeping us from dawdling as we toured the Dallas Arboretum. Still, the aroma and color warmed us – it was a good use of time to see how professionals have prepared the beds, pruned the shrubs and clipped the lawns so that order, color and fragrance delighted those of us who needed a boost through the remaining weeks of winter.

Bronze sculptures of famous folks have been strategically placed through the grounds – seated on inviting benches. What would it have been like to chat with George Washington, Mark Twain, the Wright brothers, or Monet in their gardens?

My humble garden is not so promising, although we have a jolly bronze cherub lurking in the background of a bed. But still, our yard is flirting with me . . . promising that if I just get out there with clippers and a trash bag and just a few plants . . . April might be a merrier month than ever I remember.

Today might work.

A day digging in the dirt, and establishing something alive and growing sounds like a better plan than digesting the reality that the news reports.

Towards the end February . . . we have an irresistible urge to get into the garden . . . It is a hopeless scene; there is nothing to do except inwardly bubble and fume. Some relief is obtained by a visit to a garden center . . . In this vulnerable and high-strung state of mind I have bought most of the tools I possess . . . So, far I have resisted Chipmunk Crossing signs, but this is another year, and your never know how February madness will strike. (The Opinionated Gardener: Random Offshoots from an Alpine Gardener, By Geoffrey B. Charlesworth, pages 10-11)

I can think of a few warning signs I’d like posted about this Presidential primary season . . . And one question I’d like to ask each the candidates: Do you enjoy gardening?

Anybody who wants to rule the world should try to rule a garden first. ~Gardening Saying


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