Not Whoops!

As I banged my fists on the table, I realized it was no whoops I did it again moment. No I let go of what I should have reined in!


As I banged my fists I let go of what I should have reined in!

I lost my temper, again. This time banging my fists on the table as the operator, located in Central America, put me on hold, again.

What set me off, especially on so lovely a spring morning?

My online order would not go through; so, I was directed to call a number that connected me with operators in a foreign country. Their English was good, but their questions bugged me.


Why should it bother me to answer questions from foreigners about my name, and phone number when I use Facebook, and blog about my recovery?

The real reason that lit my fuse was I was thwarted and delayed in doing what I wanted to do. So, I was unnecessarily disrespectful.

Having been transferred to an operator who said she was in Texas I calmed down. Then, I was able to assess that the initial error, the one necessitating a conversation with outsourced employees of the department store, was mine.

My Fault

I pasted my credit card info into the wrong blank.

Quickly I admitted my error and apologized.

These problems didn’t happen when I when to a store and used a credit card.

But I don’t do that so much anymore. I depend on an amorphous, powerful, invasive, dangerous but oh so convenient shopping experience: one that connects me with — strangers.

And these strangers are someone’s wife, daughter, sister, friend, or mother – just like I am and just as deserving of the good manners I hope to receive.

For some things, I have learned forbearance is better; for many things, not so much.

My daily prayer is for the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, like people, places, and things.  So, things, like technology’s interconnections also are beyond my control. My attitude, however, and my words are not.

My daily prayer is also for wisdom to know the difference between what I can’t change, and what I must – my attitude and actions.

And I need the courage to do it!

My attitude to others is too often colored by shades of fear.

Everything is changed and changing. Life looks, feels, and isdangerous in ways I never imagined

But what is fear?


Yet, God assures me, the more things change, the more they stay the same. (Ecclesiastes 1:9-11)Nor, does He change.

So, when technology trips me up, when I do the wrong thing, He isn’t hamstrung! (Job 42:2)   When I must needs talk to strangers, I can be careful and respectful. (Matthew 5:43-48)

But, I wonder: Does that apply to talking computers who answer my phone calls as well?

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