I put my foot down today; not smart. I put it down on the T.V.’s remote control activating a [computer] voice that commented on the volume control and every time time I tried to change anything. 

And then — horrors of horror — whatever I “hit” blocked me  from my murder mysteries. 


Seriously watching murder and mayhem throughout Great Britain remains  more relaxing than news from home. 

When the voice seemed to get testier and testier every time we tried to do something —we asked for help . . . again. 

Our son-in-law took control of the control devices — we have to have TWO, and found the trouble-shooting menu. 

I wish I had a  trouble-shooting menu for daily living — and a couple of control devices  that would whisk me through a series of steps especially when I put my foot down where I shouldn’t. 

Patsy Clairmont did give me a menu when recently she penned an evening prayer. Maybe tomorrow I will remember better places to put my foot down. 

Evening Prayer: 

Breath at Daybreak, resuscitate my courage to enter the demand-strewn path ahead.  

Help me not to pick up problems before they materialize.  

When I hit a dead end, help me not to camp out there.  

When I encounter a difficult person, help me not to join their fraternity.  

And when I am that person, remind me that it cost You for my freedom and forgiveness.  Amen.  

And above all — whenever the settings change on my life’s program — however they are changed:  

Leave room for God to handle it. Pastor Tony Evans


A former little “reproof”  —  Stopped in our Tracks, Again.  

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