Well, I put them all back on . . . no, not the pounds.

I put the years back on as the prednisone wore off . . . I went from being 73 to feeling 35 as the steroid worked its magic and calmed my crazy immune system, suppressing the eczema. It also calmed achy joints and let me get up and go. Of course the nervous energy was weird.

Arriving back to my real age, now, I am just nervous with limited energy

That feeling so young was quite a gift; or should I say loan?

Whatever. I’m calling it the best Staycation I ever had!

Back to the real world –

However, it’s sure not the same world it was when I started the prednisone. But, it is what it is. And it seems like the world has finally slowed down to my top speed.

It is only right that the creaky joints should return about the same time that I am two weeks past due for a haircut. I wonder if I shouldn’t just order some super hold hair gel and go for a Phyllis Diller look.

Of course, Doug is also past due for a trim, and when that happens, our daughter says he looks like Scrooge McDuck.

What a pair we make . . . We truly are becoming like A Couple of Swells

But, that doesn’t keep us in . . . No, we are trying to keep up our walks. We are both becoming more observant of plants and flowers . . . and neighbors. Who knew so many dads lived in our community?

How the world, our country, and community have changed as we enter whatever week it is of the stay-at-home directive, I can’t fathom.

Some have described COVID-19 as a novel strain of the virus that causes the common cold.*  Whatever it is,  it has upset the whole world, and immobilized us more effectively than alien visit in The Day The Earth Stood Still.

The quiet still seems deafening. Although it feels calm in our neighborhood, I feel like I am in the eye of a hurricane: safety there, though, is an ephemeral.  When we watch the news, we see this storm’s intensity; we hear its toll as friends ask for prayers for themselves and loved ones.

Doug and I have joined with others who are praying this month for the church, the nation, and the world. It’s been a wise use of time.

Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death.  ~Author Unknown

them all

Still Painting

*Signs: One Purpose of the Coronavirus

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