Advent preparation began early this year.

In mid-January 2005, I wrapped up our Christmas china, one chore amongst many that day as I put away Christmas 2004. I wrapped, not realizing how long they would rest in the attic, twelve years. Today, as I unwrapped it, placing it and all our Christmas mugs in dishwasher, I reflected how quickly a decade or so moves, as change after change is the new normal.


Early Advent Prep

In the twelve years we were in Dallas, while all that china and all those mugs were sleeping, I finally learned to use and rely upon a microwave . . . to reheat my coffee. Some of these old mugs may not fare well in the microwave. I know the china won’t!

A lot more than mastering a microwave changed in those years; I learned to celebrate Christmas admiring other folks’ decorations and traditions, because ours were packed away.

In Dallas, that was not exactly a hardship. When we visited Maryland family and friends I loved seeing how they created fresh takes on old themes.

Poking now through the long-packed away cartons of our Christmas memories, I find little treasures whose power to affect me hasn’t diminished. The bits and pieces of seasonal gaiety we’ve collected over forty-five years all tell stories; memories flood back. But, losing myself in remember when isn’t the best use of the time that is passing at warp speed!

The past is a guidepost, not a hitching post. Thomas Holcroft*

Time to re-purpose these gaudy seasonal goodies, and re-gift or release!

You can’t turn back the clock but you can wind it up again.*

Or, replace the battery.

Advent begins next Sunday – a good time to replace a few batteries, and prepare myself – and not just our home – for a celebration of Light, Life and Freedom.

*Christians quoting — UK

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