In between eye surgeries what I was told is true. Now, with one surgery down and one to go, I see better without my glasses; except for up close reading. And when I put on older specs, it is like putting on the former cataract.

 Talk about a memory lane not worth revisiting!  

What was I thinking, putting the surgery off? 

Maybe a bit of ignorance, anxiety and stubbornness merged, giving me permission  to put off surgeries. I kept thinking during the past few annual eye exams, “It’s [my eye sight] not that bad. 

No matter that lights from on-coming cars and streetlights were becoming more like angels from the realms of glory — even in the summer — I waffled. 

It didn’t help that I knew at least three people whose surgery did not go well. 

Not to mention COVID; that gave me a handy reason to procrastinate. 

There is no greater recipe for disaster than a persistent refusal to face unwelcome facts. Roy Jenkins.

Finally,  when the doctor  said — for the third year running — that there was little  point changing my prescription because stronger lenses would not compensate for what the cataract was diminishing, I opted for surgery. 

The mercy is nobody commented on my age. 

You may delay, but Time will not. ~Benjamin Franklin, 1758

 So, here I am between surgeries, grateful, hopeful but nervous; feeling a wee bit anxious about what the next surgery might “reveal.” 

How do I confront aging? With a wonder and a terror. Yeah, I’ll say that. Wonder and terror. ~ Keanu Reeves 

I remember reading what Christ said to Peter about growing old —about one day being dressed by another and led where he might not want to go . . .  terrifying that verse was — is!  (John 21:18 )

Terrifying, eh? 

The wonder is that hope of never having to take that trek wholly alone, because God so loved this old world — He sent His son. 

in between

So, maybe delight and frustration reflect better what I feel  about aging.

Delighted, frustrated; but it’s all tied up with a bow of gratitude. 

“One day you will look back and see that all along you were blooming.” – Morgan Harper Nichols


I love red

Sight is a precious gift, dear friend

So is Life, beloved.

Which is what tonight, Christmas Eve, is all about — remembering and celebrating the birth of One who gave sight to the blind, and life to the dead. 

O Come All Ye UnfaithfulLook at the World

 Happy Christmas dear reader! 

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