April is leaving behind a week of Indian Winter . . . that is, unseasonably chilly weather arrived about ten hours after I switched the winter bedding and  clothes. 

My affect on the weather is not a new gift . 

But frankly, I am glad for this respite. 

These cool days are  a pointed reminder not to plant before mid-May in Maryland. 

Of course, I ignored that.  I planted sunflower seeds right after Easter and they sprouted, when the days were sunny and warm . . . the chilly days and nights however shocked the sunflower sprouts were, have reinvigorated the winter pansies. 

indian winter

Shocked sunflower sprouts

Yep —  Just a bit to nippy to do much outside work; I can in good conscience paint and read. 

That’s not a small thing. 

Never has the hum-drum seemed more precious. 

Another Woman in an Indian Winter

Serendipitously,  Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist is sharing a few life lessons. 

Our anti-aging culture often pushes aside older people to make way for the new generation. This is not God’s way. Throughout Scripture, God not only explains the idea of mentoring, but He shows us the power of evergreen, older wiser people investing in the lives of the next generation. And like Elizabeth and Mary, those relationships are not one-sided. Each generation learns from the other. (Aging with Grace, by Sharon Betters & Susan Hunt, page 124)

She would have understood this season —and she would have agreed with Mary Engelbreit: Snap Out of IT!  (FYI: Nobody wants  an organ recital when they call or visit!)  

 The “IT” can be like a sundae from Hell: great scoops of troubles, fears and resentments topped with grumbling. 

Elizabeth reminded me of how stretched one’s hoping can be while waiting for GOD to act. I bet she often may have  prayed Psalm 39 ! 

The challenges that come with aging are real, and so are the opportunities. 

Our words and conduct matter. 

So does reading our Fitbits carefully on gray Indian Winter mornings. 

This morning, I looked at the steps and thought it was my pulse. 

indian winter

seriously I panicked until I focused. (Maybe a life lesson here)

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