Time is running out – as is it wont to do.


My Inner Hamster’s Cage

So much to do, so little time,
my fretting brain exclaims.
I’ll never get it done
in just the time I have!

Keep Calm!
You’re not that old, my coffee mug retorts.

Ah, yes, I am; for
my driver’s license so reports.

More sand now fills the bottom
of my own life’s hourglass,
Than e’re resided up above
in its rounded shiny top.

Still, I have much to do,
My worried heart laments.
So much to do. So much to do!
As all those tiny grains
keep zipping right on through.

However fast that sand departs;
However few its grains remain,
What is all that, I wonder?
All that I must needs do?

Why, yesterday’s chores from the day before,
I wail in muffled pain,
Too tired, too embarrassed
to carefully explain.

Oh for a simple plan, I cry — a living plan;
a plan there’s time to do!

“Here’s one,” an old sage offered;
“it’s worked for me and mine:
Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today’s sweet time.

Ah-ha, I mused, mulling over this firm reproof.
I guess there’s time enough for that–
Until tomorrow dawns.

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