It’s another day to be grateful for fans. Yep.

All that grand weather that revived me is a happy memory, and new reason to hope for cooler, drier days. So, I am grateful for fans; fans make the AC mightier. 

I remember the challenge of losing AC in Dallas in July. (Survivng a Hot Time in Big-D)

Today is also a day to be grateful for braces– back braces . . . like the one that currently corrals my back which insists on going out. BRACE YOURSELF

I bet some of you can relate. 

This brace, a long time companion upon whom I occasionally rely, just makes moving easier.  Not faster, or better: easier.

But being able to move on any day is a day to be grateful for. Or, for which to be grateful. 

Movement is something I take for granted until the days my old bones decline to support my decision.  Then I remember how substantial the gift is of a simple walk around the block.

Of course, given the weather, walking around the block is not a given. But exercise remains a  must. (Can Exercise Prevent Memory Loss?)

By the way: We are maintaining pretty much the eating plan  we started three years ago.  Sometimes I wonder why I could never keep to such a simple regime back in the day . . . probably because I never spent time thinking about the science of nutrition and exercise. 

Age, stage and season of life — as well as hindsight are sure powerful motivators to keep trying! 

They are also like spiritual braces — attitude adjustors; reminding me to cut some slack for others; just as  I hope they cut for me:

 Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be. ~Thomas à KempisImitation of Christ, c.1420

 Today is a day to be grateful that I can change.


Grateful for Good Advice

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