It’s never not been divided; America, that is or the church for that matter. Christians always had our issues too.  And we have too often behaved badly.



We ALL need to get a grip! Has anybody looked at the drought, fires, and the uptick in COVID variants — truly nature is blaring: YOU NEED HELP! 

National divisiveness paralyzes all levels of our government.  Don’t get me started on Baltimore city! And I bet you have frustrations with local government where you live.  

Listening to books on American history, and pre- WWII history in Germany, leadership, service and wisdom are often scarce as hens’ teeth.  Listening to a few bio’s of missionaries, the church didn’t always do the right thing. 

Yet, here we are; here I am  wondering what’s next, and asking, can we get a little clarity and consensus about something — anything? ( Remember last summer?) 

James has never sounded so prophetic!  (James 4:3)

The J. B. Phillips translation spells it out: 

But about the feuds and struggles that exist among you—where do you suppose they come from? Can’t you see that they arise from conflicting passions within yourselves? You crave for something and don’t get it, you are jealous and envious of what others have got and you don’t possess it yourselves. Consequently in your exasperated frustration you struggle and fight with one another. You don’t get what you want because you don’t ask God for it. And when you do ask he doesn’t give it to you, for you ask in quite the wrong spirit—you only want to satisfy your own desires.


In THE CHURCH,  We have become so adept at nitpicking and critiquing those who lead our congregations and each other we risk being more than useless as the times grow more confusing and darker. 

For we listen to so many voices  that are stirring a pot which is at a tipping point. They are fomenting fear, distrust and disrespect of the very people you and I are  supposed to be submitting to and praying for.  (Even the ones I kinda sorta like. ) 

Everybody’s a critic, speaking  just enough truth to get my attention — but trying to corral me into supporting a world view that does not show me how to live in uncertain times.  (Isaiah 33:6) 

In These Divided Times 

Christ brings sword enough to divide us from friends and family. (Matthew 10:34-36)

I do not need the conspiracy theorists to disable me from clinging to Christ in all the troubling times He said would be. 

Nor, do I need to be more divided from folks who may benefit from a cup of cold water I might offer. 

Issues do and will divide us — but please let’s not them disable us! 

 Well, I got that off my chest.  Again.

Appreciate your time, I do! 

PS: A timely question: Can Social Media Foster Persuasion (Not Polarization)? A Book Review by Tim Keller

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Recent Divided Times


Thank you Linda Jacobus for your inspiring paintings!Linda’s Witness in Art

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