geranium upended

Geranium Upended


Happy memories make good subjects for my paintings –Sometimes, I can’t describe them with words.  My paintbrush can be as effective a journaling tool for capturing a happy time, as my pen and notebook.

A favorite place from my memories is Joanne Scott’s studio on Mill Creek, just outside of Annapolis Maryland. She taught watercolors; her classes were as serene and edifying as she – they were an oasis of encouragement for a first time klutz!

I remember her office on one sunny Wednesday morning as I opened the door: early spring sunlight splashed on a mass of early spring geraniums, she may have  been planning to plant, weather permitting. The beauty went deep, and I repair to that joyful scene frequently, especially in times of disquiet. It was a time when I learned I could paint, create – not perfectly, but I mastered a medium I never thought I could.

And it was in that class I met the dear woman who would later introduce me to the idea of keeping a journal. So, welcome to a fond memory – one that includes the reality that even quiet times get upended for reasons I can’t control.

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. ~Pablo Picasso


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