Memories  that Keep Me Laughing


Humor is good this season, huh?

It was a highpoint of the Christmas lights in Dallas. One neighbor’s large outdoors show boldly and brightly displayed “L E O N” across the front lawn. It took me a minute to realize N O E L was backwards, intentionally. For years, we loved seeing the joke, especially given so many other splendid light displays. A breath of fresh air, it was as it always drew a smile and a laugh.

Also, in daylight, Doug spotted a deflated Christmas display that perfectly communicated how we can feel during the holidays. That deflated Santa illustrated how the holiday hoopla can suck the life out of my best intentions.


Two Views of Santa

Laughing gets O2 to my heart faster than worry! And laughing at myself over the Holidays means I will never lack a source of amusement!

A Message That’s Worth Remembering

The Holidays are so wonderful and worrisome, it’s easy to get things backwards, and lose my breath, sending out the wrong messages! So, I am preaching this to myself as well as sharing some wisdom:

Nearly every Christmas tradition can be used to share timeless truth. If our Lord could use a ship dedicated to pagan gods to bring the gospel to Rome, he can use this secular season to bring Christ to our culture. ~ Jim Denison, A “Christmas” Song I Never Thought I’d Hear

God gave the world a great gift, as fresh and valuable as the morning He came. Christ is the friend whose faithfulness we all want and too often discount, alas at Christmas.

One true friend adds more to our happiness than a thousand enemies add to our unhappiness. ~ Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach*

Christ has been a true friend, meeting me at my well, and replenishing my barns; He promises to stick with me, too.

I don’t want to get that message backwards or share it, wheezing and worried.

So, how I commemorate His birth, with all He’s given me, still might bring an energizing light into these dark, hurting days, for thee, dear reader, and me!

* The — Christmas


A Memory: Christmas Rebooted

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