One of the memories I cherish from our time on Dallas was our neighbors’ creative lawn art. Whether we walked first thing in the morning or after dark, we loved the creativity and humor.  

Halloween in Dallas was rarely chilly; the weather was usually  summery and wonderful.

In Maryland, I knew the green leaves were changing into brilliant yellows, reds and oranges – some brown.


Western Maryland Morning

From Flo Wolfe’s Deck

No frost – but oh so chilly in the morning and evening.

However, in Dallas, not so much. The signs I saw that pointed to the season’s change were also plentiful: Halloween decorations – from freaky to fantastic. One case in point was a GIANT pumpkin.

lawn art

As BIG as a two-story house it was!

Another Case in point:

lawn art

When the neighbors had again placed their mannequin monsters that greeted me with a toast on my morning constitutional. 

No, I did not stop for their “treats,” lest I lose my charm! 

Other neighbors massed colorful pumpkins and mums by their doorsteps, or they illuminated trees and porches with orange lights; a few positioned huge inflatable ghosts, goblins and witches who wave in eerie lights at twilight, but lay supine in the early morning sun, completely out of breath – as if exhausted by their high jinks.

Funny, though, I don’t remember seeing any lawn tableaus commemorating what Martin Luther did on October 31st1  

Nor did I ever see displays celebrating the day after Halloween: All Saints’ Day (even though The Day of the Dead is big in Texas and a wee bit different).  

 What would dressing up like any of the lively great servants of God look like? 3

 I hope it looks like you and me, dear reader!

Do you remember the children’s hymn that taught who they were . . . are?  

Sing with Me!

Here’s a link to an updated rendition of I Sing a Song of the Saints of God.   Wasn’t that GREAT!  

God’s saints  are real people who lived through, and still live through — hard times and happy times. 

We may not make a great seasonal lawn  art — but I hope we encourage, serve and hearten  those whose hopes are collapsing under the the weight of what is today’s news. (Here’s a  link to a sermon mind point in a worship service, The Appeal  which outlines some practical  ways to build each other up.)

We may stumble or trip, but like Isaiah we  can keep soaring like eagles, run and not grow weary,  walk  and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31)  

I am grateful for the saints, present and past; their  hearty company and sweet memories especially  in the changing seasons and changing times.  

When you remember the lives of those you love who now rest with God – what life lessons from their lives can you pass on? 

I’d love to hear what  they have taught you!


Footnotes, etc

1 Reformation Day

All Saints Day

I Sing A Song of the Saints of God (SING with me! )


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