First let me stipulate: I am not wholly sure what day it is, unless I check the upper right of the computer screen.  But I have enjoyed this one, except for intermittent nervousness. Today passed as seamlessly as the previous day that I am calling Monday.

I feel like I have been floating in a bubble . . . gratitude mixed up with grief. And I know that bubbles burst  . . . Some of the edginess that propelled all the painting last week has abated as the steroid and I have broken up.  Gonna miss that buzz; I can’t lie.

More of the jitteriness wanes as I put myself in a harness. In my head I hear: If You Want to Change the World, Make Your Bed.

So, we are both getting up and dressing before checking the news; reading Scripture before wandering into Facebook . . . where all my friends see to it I have ample fare upon which to graze all morning if I so chose.

Thank you all who post encouragement, exhortations, and humor:

Wow! When we had a time change, I didn’t realize we’d go from standard time to the freaking Twilight Zone?

Also, we are being careful to eat healthy, drink water and walk.

In order to change the way we feel we need to change the way we act . . .

I remain grateful to my friend whose example almost a year ago goaded me to do something about my less than stellar habits. And it’s never to late to change, one thing at a time: Deep thought for the day.

Even in crazy times when we are certain of nothing.

The news is going to become harder to hear in coming days . . .

Sometimes we try not to feel what we’re feeling because we have this image of a “gang of feelings.” If I feel sad and let that in, it’ll never go away. The gang of bad feelings will overrun me. The truth is a feeling moves through us. We feel it and it goes and then we go to the next feeling. There’s no gang out to get us. It’s absurd to think we shouldn’t feel grief right now. Let yourself feel the grief and keep going. ~ That Discomfort you’re Feeling is Grief

Think about where you go,  feeling the grief.

Grief is real, for our losses are real. God is more real . . .

My friend Vanessa posted this on Facebook–

I heard a story about a husband and wife traveling on a plane when it hit heavy turbulence. The husband, a veteran flyer, wasn’t worried. The wife, not so much. So, she reached out and took her husband’s hand and immediately relaxed, despite the continued roller-coaster ride on the plane. The turbulence didn’t stop, but she was connected to someone she trusted.

I have to do the same these days (and always)—reach out and hold tight to God’s hand when I’m frightened, nervous, uncertain, when I wake up and remember that these topsy-turvy times are real. The circumstances haven’t changed, but I trust that He’s in charge.

Dear reader, I hope you will reach out and hold on! (Isaiah 41:13)

Finally, I know: This post has lots of links in it . . . you’ve got time, right?

Here’s another one on ANXIETY . . . an old companion who comes dressed in many costumes.   I pray we are each dressed, and ready to enjoy day — having made our beds — remembering just because anxiety knocks, it doesn’t mean we have to listen to its spiel!

To fear is one thing.  To let fear grab you by the tail and swing you around is another.  ~Katherine Paterson, Jacob Have I Loved


PS:  You might like to sign along Total Praise ~ The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir


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