This year has exceeded previous years’ records for speedy passage. This year has been like a movie . . . of places I never imagined, with characters I never hope to meet, in a language that needs subtitles, and whose ending, well . . . stay tuned.

christmas lights 2015

Christmas Lights 2015

That’s why I grateful for the Christmas lights, and all the lovely carols so readily available. They slow me down – reminding me to recall the Christmas story – not A Christmas Story, the movie that plays continually for 24 hours straight, Christmas Eve through Christmas day. The Christmas story is about how God came to us. It’s a story that is overshadowed each year by the very lights, decorations, and music that calm me down.

Is it just easier to suspend belief and embrace all the lights, the Disney figures, and Rudolf rather than wrestle with faith in who and what the historical Jesus is?

the christmas story

The Christmas Story

As the days grow darker, seasonally, and literally, the festive lights sparkle in the dark, creating hope: hope for many for good times and good gifts; hope for some that death is defeated, and will never rob us of the gift that life is.

Christmas may be foolishness – inconceivable — to many; or, it may be a stumbling block to more – but for me, Christmas is remembering again, what God has done for me in Christ. (1 Corinthians 1:21-25)

I am grateful for all who take the time and spend the money to brighten many these dark winter nights – and for all the musicians everywhere whose music is a blessed balm. Lord God, thank You for the Light, so I might see how lovingly You cared for me. (Isaiah 60:1-2)

And so, I share a favorite piece of Christmas music, by Cindy Bauchspies, Peaceable Kingdom, and hope and pray it stirs your heart gentle reader with longings for the goodly home God is preparing for you, even now. ( John 14)

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