I am learning some limits and and accepting a few limitations as the reality of just how far my get-up-and-go got up and went. 

So, I am good for about 40-45 minutes of sustained movement, a day! lol — whether it’s tidying up, weeding, planting, or even walking.  And even that may be an exaggeration! 


Or, so I hope!

Once upon a time I really could lose track of time gardening — until we lived in Dallas. Even on a good day, the sun’s power in Big-D would be an alarm: Time to QUIT. 

Now it’s the calendar. 

In Maryland, more than 20-25 minutes even early morning in July through early September deplete me of more charm than is safe to lose. However, gardening after the sun sets, is not so bad — but then I can’t see! 

Which brings me to a new limitation on my housekeeping/gardening skills: cataracts. 

The dust bunnies have to be pretty big for me to see them swirling under the furniture. 

But this maturing film over my eyes gives me more pause . . .  is it affecting how I see colors and shapes? 

Well, duh. The health of our eyes — especially for artists — is a big deal!

Cataracts affected Monet! (Monet and Cataracts) It is, however the aftermath of their removal, when other problems might be more clearly seen and understood that are sobering:  Ten Ways VISION IMPAIRMENT Influenced Classical Artists

Aha, I’ve got a new wrinkle in my autumn’s garden to tend  — a few new limits perhaps and for now a few more limitations. 

If we were blind for one day each year, how we would enjoy the other three hundred and sixty-four. ~Isaac Asimov

I can’t imagine how I would be faring in Ukraine, today!  Or Syria, Guatemala, Baltimore; or Yemen, or Afghanistan, the Sudan or Ethiopia.

Wouldn’t it be an exhilarating tonic for the soul to take a moment to appreciate the simple, good things in life which are so bountiful. . . .?  ~Author unknown, c.1949


Finally, a friendly warning from blogger is a the best limitation I am learning:

Don’t let yourself slip into believing that growing older will magically confer you some gift of godliness. ~ Tim Challis: Random Words of Advice

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