The Chinese have a saying, Life begins the day you start a garden. The barren backyard, and weedy beds seem as anxious to be restored and revived as I am to  begin a new [gardening] life in Maryland. If we ever get through all the moving boxes, that is.

Unpacking is still the top first or second chore; I am slower than the wonderful helpers who got us ready to depart Dallas. Gentle readers may wonder when will we can get back to gardening, painting or writing. I do, too!

Gardening chores are now at least possible, since I unpacked the carton in which the tools were; but I am waiting for cooler weather, and helpers who will stake out a few beds, and restore the back lawn. The actual lawn is approximately three times the size of former lawn.

Seriously — and at my age!

Something tells me, the lessons from this new gardening adventure could be a stretching one – personally, physically, and financially!

The sunroom – with its expansive view of the barren backyard — is a fun room, and will be a more charming spot when the grass finally grows, and something blooms besides underbrush. Now, its high ceilings mean lots of wall space – space to assemble my creations and other paintings I love. Color on the walls compensates for the drab palette outside!

barren backyard

The Barren Backyard is Hard to Miss!

The anchor of the current grouping is a watercolor of a traditional Maine home and wonderful geraniums. I planted my “geraniums” and other flowers about it.

Geraniums remind me of happy times, real and imagined.


The Arrangement So Far

What do you think of the arrangement?

In Maryland, geraniums can last through November; within the past few years, I discovered a variety of geranium bred to the Texas heat and sun – the ones I planted in spring of 2015 lasted and were among the plants waving us good-bye. (We had no winter in Dallas to speak of this past year.) Which reminds me, maybe we should invest in a snow-blower, now that mild winters may not be a given up here?

The time will come when winter will ask you what you were doing all summer. ~Henry Clay

For now, gathering strength to re-engage with the boxes, mañana, I am enjoying a Berger cookie, and coffee in my Angela‘s mug, I begged to buy on our last breakfast in Big-D as a memento of many happy meals Texas style.


Maryland Treat Meets Texas Memory

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