Looking back, before COVID erupted in March 2020,  Doug and I may have had  it!  

Something fast and harsh knocked us for a loop in February.  

I caught what I thought was a cold and shared.  That wasn’t a kind thing. Doug wound up on heavy meds.

Shortly after we recovered, on March 4 to be exact, Doug, who had been reading of something going on in China made a run to the drug store for masks; he got the last batch. 

Then I discovered a run on disinfectant wipes! 

looking back

Another memory from the early COVID Days:   Calm and Crazy

It was a bewildering time, that quickly became a full-blown national —world-wide —emergency. 

Dr. Tony Evans helped me appraise what was happening when he said God had put the church in time -out,  and stopping the whole wide world in its tracks. 

 What Dr. Evans said made sense. 

Because I believe God allowed [COVID] for a divine reset. We’ve been so much divided, so far departed from him, that he allows things to disrupt us and set our priorities right: him, family, and righteousness and justice in society. As well as getting the church out of the four walls.

Lessons Learned 

Looking back, to before COVID, these past three years  gave me a way to address One of My Regrets, I expressed just before the pandemic: 

As you grow older, you’ll find the only things you regret are the things you didn’t do. ~Zachary Scott

looking back

Three years later, COVID is not going away — it is the new normal, along with all kinds of . . . issues.   As my world opens up, I sure don’t want my fatigue with masking or carelessness to close down another’s persons well-being.

Looking around at the pandemic fatigue, I wonder what we did learn through COVID that makes a difference?  

 What startles me is how many people shrug off taking precautions against this fast mutating airborne virus.   (JHU Public Health July 19, 2022) 

I don’t understand . . .  except fatigue can wear out even the best pro-life intentions. 

So, all I can do is wash my hands and take other common sense precautions for living in a pandemic. 

Like wearing the stupid-looking mask in crowds of people.  

No, I know:  the mask isn’t magic, but it  might limit some of the damage these seemingly robust COVID variants inflict on others — especially health care-providers.

Especially, when positivity rates rise:

                Continuing to wear a mask when you technically don’t have to is a fringe stance. An Axios/Ipsos poll found that at the start of April, less than half of Americans said they ever wear masks outside of the home now, even occasionally. But masking and continuing to take precautions are both essential in order to protect the vulnerable members of our society. (Monica R. McLemore, PhD, RN, FAAN)

Looking back, what has COVID taught you, dear reader? 

I am learning that The Serenity Prayer. and The Lord’s Prayer aren’t just formulaic words.   Prayer really helps!  (Does it Matter Who My God Is . . .?)

looking back

When you think back over the past three years, how have your priorities changed? I see that people, even ones with whom I differ, are in my life for a reason. And it isn’t to change them.

Are you doing anything different, or differently? I’m asking God to keep my opinions to myself . . . except on this blog! LOL 

What would you like to see others doing? 

Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you’ll understand what little chance you have trying to change others. ~Arnold H. Glasow (1905–1999)

looking back


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