Looking for an anchor point as we begin the ninth, (or is it the tenth ), week of   social distancing, I rely on a Facebook friend who said it’s day 67. So, that’s an anchor point  . . . whatever the week!

How goes it with you? Doug and I are maintaining. We are grateful but grieving — accepting but anxious.

However, I get my knickers in a wad when I read about the conspiracy theories floating about, the ones  that so many of us can’t resist posting them, exposing the corruption of anybody in power.

It’s what old Boomers are good at doing apparently. Just Google Boomers and conspiracy theories and see what pops up.

I think the conspiracy theories are ALL true! We haven’t reached The Outer Limits yet; but it feels like Rod Serling has taken over control of our hand-held devices.

Just kidding.

I believe we ARE in the midst of a scary pandemic that the deep state did not orchestrate. So, I am sad that what is a health and public policy problem is being politicized and confused by too much information about so much I can’t quite follow.

I did follow this however, and pass it along

As we are allowed to move around our communities more freely and be in contact with more people in more places more regularly, the risks to ourselves and our family are significant. Even if you are gung-ho for reopening and resuming business as usual, do your part and wear a mask to reduce what you release into the environment. It will help everyone, including your own business.  The Risks -Know Them -Avoid Them.

Beginning this new week, I just let the dust bunnies roam free. As long as my foot wasn’t sticking to the kitchen floor — I wielded a paintbrush!

anchor point

Gardening is an anchor point.

Today I finished a painting I made up in my head: me doing a favorite this: planting Gerber daisies.

I miss that.  In Dallas those daises frequently made it through the winters and flourished for more than one year.

anchor point

The Dallas Survivors

The true definition of a perennial: Any plant which, had it lived, would have bloomed year after year. – Henry Beard

I digress.

Whatever week we think it is, the times remain uncertain.

If you’re finding yourself perplexed about whom to trust and what is true, take time to inventory where you’re spending your time and to whom you’re giving a platform. Opinion: Dallas Morning News

May I commend the One anchor point who will not fail; who is the stability of these uncertain times, a wealth of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge? (Isaiah 33:6) Fearing Him makes better sense, especially in times when little else does.

anchor point

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