Losing inches in height isn’t as much fun as loosing inches around my waist! Even a fraction is too much at my age and stage! As the scale slowly moves down,  I am losing height, in fractions of inches. So far, two whole inches have disappeared, and I am still large-boned!

Losing pounds is good; inches, not so much.

“even one centimetre can make an awful lot of difference when you don’t have many to spare.” ― Eoin Colfer, Artemis Fowl

Being shorter  requires more wisdom.

For one, I need to readjust my thinking about sweeping gestures. At my new height, they are pretentious. I can hear George Sanders as  Addison DeWtitt  in All About Eve say to Eve Harrington:   “You are too short for that type of gesture.”

Not that 5’5’’ was ever a safe height for drama queen moves.

Now, I am getting shorter.

Going from 5’5’’ to 5’3’’ has also changed what clothes suit my still ample frame even as I downsize. Petite – a designation that amuses me – is a better size choice for me. Well, at least petite  sounds better than short.

Consequently, I must assess what is working in my wardrobe. I admire both classic and dramatic combinations that only taller women can pull off. I’ve come to accept at my new height I should rethink bold, and go for muted, especially if  my proportions remain curvy. That’s better word than plump, don’tcha think?

loosing inches

I draw the line at shoes, though. Shoes can be the brightest bright. If I could manage heels, Dorothy’s ruby slippers would fit me to a T! They would so brighten jeans and a tee shirt! But heels, especially the stilettos I once wore, are a no-no. (How does Nancy Pelosi do that?)

Other realities shrinking reveal:

  • I need a stool to reach cabinets; I can fall off stools.
  • In some chairs, my feet do not touch the floor! That’s humbling.
  • Doug and I are going to wear out the sliding mechanism on the front seat of the car; here’s hoping the side and rear-view mirrors don’t fall off from all the readjusting!
  • Large expensive jewels, necklaces or bracelets don’t suit- good news for Doug!
  • I am closer to my plants – even if crouching down to visit is not always possible.

One reality of losing height for which I am grateful is my spine is straighter than either my mother or aunt’s was when they were my age. Collapsed vertebrae are painful!  (Link to an article: Osteoporosis)

The song Short People has taken on new meaning. We are just like other people! Even short old people.

That’s a reality I should have realized sooner. Remember Aging Skin and Strudel?

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