Losing Contact with 24/7 News


Loss of Contact with 24/7 News

Recovering from a cold, or whatever, has been a comprehensible journey – even when talking to a medical professional. We communicated!

Restoring our television to operating capacity when its screen went on the fritz has not been so clear; trying to return to the cable provider after watching Netflix overwhelmed it, I guess. We are NOT communicating!

How on earth did we do that?

All we did was push the buttons we were supposed to push we thought . . . but apparently something, somewhere in those winking black boxes that connect us to the outside world isn’t receiving our instructions from the hand-held devices.

Yes, I changed the batteries.

Anyway, unless we watch movies, all we see is a big, blank screen. So, we await the Geek Squad – or a knight on a white horse.

Until then, having one avenue to the all the “news” blocked is not so bad.

True Silence is the rest of the Mind, and is to the Spirit, what Sleep is to the Body, Nourishment, and Refreshment. ~William Penn

If you are not fluent in technology you can inexplicably lose contact with the outside world. That’s not always a bad thing. When our devices won’t communicate, maybe people will. Here’s hoping our summer parties are more lively than this one illustrated below.


Losing Contact May Foster Communication



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