Whether it has been a combination of May weather or more protein and lower white carbs, I moved today. Gardening and painting, I also got moving!

The past few days have been open window days; not just early, cool morning glory. No, the windows stayed a good while. That’s what May in Maryland can be, until humidity and thunderstorms arrive.

In Dallas, I remember an open window day the first of March. The sentiment remains: Oh! If could put time in a bottle – not to mention fresh clean air.

Today was also distinctive, making the first full week of summer for some of the  grandkids. Trust me I played them School Is Out!  Between Sirius XM and you-tube, I can introduce them my music.

Music in late fifties and early sixties was a big part of my life . . . fairy tales for older kids, right?

Times have changed from the music to which my grandmother introduced me: the top tunes by Stephen Foster. I wonder what she thought about her kids’ music.

Music and Memory

Anyway, I like music of the thirties and forties, too. Thank you, Sirius XM and you-tube for letting me hear again what I heard on the radio before I realized there were stations just for me.  Listening now to the big bands and their singers, Duke Ellington, etc. I hear melodies and words whose meaning expand and deepen because of the history I have read – and English mystery dramas like Foyle’s War.

When the fifties and sixties fade further in the rear view mirror of history, what do you think people will make of our music?  When and if writers create period dramas for the years when Mo’town ruled, what do you think will capture their imaginations?


The sensible eating real food plan continues: adding more lean protein for all three meals and resisting favorites like Utz Potato chips, Chick fil-a’s peach milkshakes . . . Do you know each shake has 600+ calories. I finally read the menu today. Must be all the whip cream they put on top.

You can see what still has my attention. That’s a poor plot line in the great American novel I wish I would write.

Whatever the reason, I moved today. Made my steps and then some! When one is entertaining three grandchildren, sedentary is a description that doesn’t work.

We gardened and painted.  I am looking forward now to more sunflowers, bachelor buttons and fiery red cannas. And the art we created was bloomin’ great!

A Wonderful May Day

Managing the efforts of three young painters, though was humbling.  How do you pass on what you are only just learning yourself?

Other peoples’ quips often say better and faster what I believe. I’ll leave you with this:

A true truth

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