So Much Packed Up, and OUT of Reach

So Much Packed Up, and OUT of Reach

With so much now packed, and out of reach, I realize again, how little I need to live. A couple of plates, two pots, a skillet . . . and a few great carry outs and I’m set!

Of course, a woman can’t live by carryout alone . . . nor will her husband!

However, it is true Doug and I see we can do with a lot less – which is good, because our power to keep track of things than we have is . . . not quite as prodigious as it once was. So all the sorting discarding and packing continues to refine us, and remind us building bigger barns is not the best way to enjoy all that God has given us. (Luke 12:18-21)

Decluttering so our house appeals to buyers has meant packing and sorting our lives into brown moving cartons. Instead of having our treasures lying about – which would be a distraction — they are hidden in boxes that buyers don’t seem to notice.

Decluttering shouldn’t mean finding better hiding places for stuff I can’t let go of. But, some of these new boxes now contain the past I’ve been lugging around in each move we’ve made:

  • unfinished needlework,
  • old photos still waiting to be scrap-booked,
  • books that are as familiar friends lounging about, waiting to tell all; plus,
  • a dress that I bought on our honeymoon! (No, I am a somewhat different size.)

Ok, Ok . . . I struggle a wee bit with hoarding . . . obviously not hard enough.

  • If you always add and never subtract, you will eventually bury yourself. ~Peter Walsh

Oh! How reality TV shows show me just how awful that burial mound can be! I have no desire to make my stuff somebody else’s headache!

  • Happiness is a place between too little and too much. ~Finnish proverb

Memo to self – what if I woke up tomorrow with only the stuff I thanked God for the night before? Moving boxes full of things would not be what I would want to see – I would want to see the people I have prayed for!

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