Thirteen years ago we fixed up a cute little cottage in Dallas, some thought would be a tear down. (Hey, Hon! We live in a Tear Down! )

a tear downNow, it seems like we lived in a tear-down.

Seems like we did!  Our perfect little empty nest changed hands again and was bull-dozed; from the debris, emerged a  McMansion, just like the ones . . . that frequently garnered my distain. 

the new 4644

Sigh. Yet another sign of the times that boggles my mind. 

Who put a “stop payment” on my reality check? ~Author unknown

Why, when a plot  of ground, albeit it modest, offers room for flower beds, grass, and trees, would a builder consume its whole?

Can we say MONEY?! 

My Memories

I wonder:

Did they keep the crepe myrtles,  grand tutors that they were? 

Tall and Lovely Tutors

early arrivals

A Bountiful Bevy of Long-Stemmed Beauties in Spring in Dallas and Fall

Or the roses: the bevy of beauties that reminded me of our grandchildren, and taught other life lessons? (Gardens and Grandchildren )

I sure will  miss that little brown house — especially remembering when our kids brought their kids to visit; or, when family and friends came for dinner and a movie.

The good news, is we still have family, friends who visit; a roof over our heads; power and clean water — and a few flower beds in which to putter and learn a few more of life’s lessons. 

relinquishing an autumn's garden

Relinquishing An Autumn’s Garden’s Good Home

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