This Mother’s Day weekend 2020 sure looks like beautiful May weather! But, it feels like March – a blustery, sunny, chilly March days.  In fact, the forecast for Mother’s Day weekend included the words, “bomb cyclone.”

Bomb Cyclone?

Thank goodness for Wikipedia: it’s shorthand for explosive cyclogenis.

Feel better?

Added to the other words and phrases we’ve heard like pandemic, social distancing, recession depression, and “the 2020 hurricane season begins the first of June,” the times they are a changin’!

So, Bob Dylan Was Right to a Point

When Bob Dylan sang this in 1964, I sang it loud and clear.  I thought I was part of a revolution that would make our country really feel like our home – ending poverty, racism, war, and all double standards. (OK, Boomer!)

Through it all, my mother still loved me . . .

When details of this old world, when sorrows and troubles overtake so many, I feel I am sobbing – sorry I contributed so few solutions, and despondent how silly I was not to have prepared better for the dark days that seem to crash upon us.   But then I remember my own mother – and the many other women who “mothered” me – through dark days. (Social Media Remade My Mother’s Day)

I don’t know what she would say about these troubles; but she would remind me that God is real and His word is true – and then tell me all she’d seen on CSpan, and tell me what she thought of who said what.

I wish I had had the presence of mind to ask her about her mother; but, I sensed that was not a safe topic she. Her mother died at 28, leaving four children, 11, 8, 6, and 3 to be separated and divided amongst aunts and orphanages. Mildred Edith Theresa Keenan Williams lived through some emotional bomb cyclones herself!

Yet, she believed at the end of her life that God had had his hand on her, and He would care for her. Ecclesiastes 9:1    These were her last words: My God will take care of me.

Not a bad legacy to leave, eh?

Happy Mother’s Day Mildred!

mother's day

Mother’s Day at the Chase-Lloyd House 1995

PS — Of course, this Mother’s Day weekend was the weekend that the Mayor of Ocean City planned to open up the town for visitors.

Truly:   We plan; God laughs (Yiddish Wit)

Man proposes, but God disposes. (Proverbs 19:21-23)






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