Musing on A May Morning

A little planting, a little putzing, and still I have time this May for musings on how much is blooming — many more attractive things than the fungi. I want to go on record: May is Marvelous . . . the garden is fun, life is good. Today was a grand morning to enjoy and reflect. Getting up and out is a good thing! Hence, I thought I would send happier pictures than yesterday’s fungi. Weren’t they grim?


May Musings

So moving clockwise:

#1, is the rooted geranium is what I salvaged from last year’s bevy. It still seems fragile, though.

#2, is the newest Black-Eyed Susan, whose family thrives through Maryland heat and droughts. I’ve been told they are one step up from growing weeds, so I will be thoroughly humiliated if they do not proper and propagate.

#3, the 2017 Christmas poinsettia lives! No kidding – the very one. We will see if this hardy plant is game for July and August in Maryland.

#4, is a gift from a friend that survived my welcome home late March pruning.

#5, is a little plant that was here before we were. I don’t know what it is . . . what do you say?

Finally #6 is a sketch inspired by Peg Bracken. She wrote On Getting Old for the First Time, along with Emily, her verse addicted companion. Emily is more quotatious than I am, and worth quoting.

Emily’s Right on About OldAge Drug Ads

Don’t we need a magic pill
        or portion that protects
A person from the side effect
        of all the side effects. (page 91)

So, too, I am trying to present a character, which frankly looks a little thinner and younger than I, but is a klutzy a gardener. She makes me smile, and I hope you are pleased too.

“Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves – for we will never cease to be amused.” (Anonymous Wisdom)



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