Truly it was my bad — I had not done this in decades!

I kept reading a novel until 3:44 AM today: Small Great Things.

What part of this was a good idea?  

my bad

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Sometimes a good story gets a hold of me and promises to be a safe companion in uncertain times. Whether  the times are real or imaginary, a good book, fact or fiction, is a blessing!

Small Great Things proved to be such a companion. 

The story unfolded through three  protagonists’ points of view who describe their backgrounds and the tragic circumstances that brought them together — the death of a newborn in the labor and delivery department of a large urban hospital.

Each  character — Ruth, Turk and Kennedy — is credible; their dialogues, from conversations, to inner thoughts and  courtroom testimonies sound real. The three of them are compelling even as the theme of the novel is repellent: racism. 

 When so much is unraveling around me today;  when  “-isms” of all kinds feel like an ever- morphing monster that is slicing our country apart — I just wanted to see how a novelist could make sense of seeming senselessness. She did.


A novel is a mirror carried along a main road. ~ Stendhal 

As interesting as the novel itself was, the Author’s Note, wherein Ms Picoult explains how and why she wrote this novel is an encouragement and goad.

She chose her title, Small Great Things from a quote attributed to Dr. Martin Luther King

“If I cannot not do great things, I can do small things in a great way.” (page 650)

Something to hang onto at this age and stage.

my bad

I am old enough to reread fairy tales now!

 Like  Kathryn Stockett’s  The Help, Ms Picoult’s novel was a good use of time — at any age and stage!  

  Literature is the echo of life. ~Alexandre Vinet

My bad was not remembering how early the morning SUN arrives

One nice feature of books is that they are never asleep and never otherwise engaged. ~James Henry Potts, “The Companionship of Books,” Every Life a Delight, 1914

Planning on signing off, now . . .  seriously.


my bad

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