navigating my streams of consciousness

Navigating My Streams of Consciousness with an Old Paddle

Navigating today’s streams of my consciousness may sound like a repeat; or, a rant. And Isaiah is my preferred paddle!

Every day the news shows I am not the only one who cast off common sense! We are making it public and permissible to run the risk of letting some deviants do to our young people in public restrooms what a prominent retired politician was just sentenced to prison for doing to young men decades ago.

Leave it to a grocery store to help me take a deep breath. Kroger’s Explains Unisex Bathrooms

So here I am, again . . . trying to appear open-minded when all I want to holler is Katie – Bar the door! But it was I — and my generation — that flung open the gates our parents left unlocked. Alas, the horse is long gone – so is  the train, and I think the last flight to sanity may have departed, too.

Not a new perspective for the more mature, huh? We are always kvetching about something.

. . . To include and condone is modern, while to differentiate is old fashioned. This seems to hold morally and socially. Is it a claim that the less good is not exactly the same as the good, yet it has its rights, and must be protected as though it contained a new value?

. . . If a grandmother wants to put her foot down, the only safe place to do it these days is in a note book. (Florida Scott-Maxwell writing in the late 1960’s – The Measure of My Days)

It’s as if our new anthem is an old Sammy Davis song: I Gotta Be ME!

No, you don’t self; you really don’t.

So, I welcomed a morning e-mail meditation helping me to change my tune . . .

Our old negative ways of handling things — brooding, complaining, ignoring people — not only harm us, but they harm others as well.  Even more, they cut us off from God.

Back to writing and painting!

Writing exposes the limitations of my sweeping opinions, prejudices and limitations –without comment. When I play that grim, comforting game of noting how wrong everybody else is, my writing seems like a silent mirror. (The Measure of My Days)

So do my canvases. Hooray, I have my work cut out for me this day.

  • You know you’ve lived a few years when you start having your second thoughts first. ~Robert Brault
  • Violet will be a good color for hair at just about the same time that brunette becomes a good color for flowers. ~Fran Lebowitz
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