Since the yard and the weather conspire against gardening, I am still doing a little indoor gardening — making new arrangements of old friends and preparing for more visits from younger guests.  Paintings and pottery; furniture and books; and my boxes of things, plus four or five see-through bins of memories are camping out in spaces different from the ones they formerly occupied. They are like a welcoming committee telling me this is home now.  Even the ones who live in the garage and basement — with the crickets.

new arrangements of old friends

New Arrangements of Old Friends Who Tell Me This is Home Now

Perhaps the most comforting communicators of the new normal are a booster seat and cabinet locks – testifying to a new guest list for now:  little ones who need a boost up at the table, or, who might not be trustworthy around cleaning supplies will be more frequent visitors!  I’ve had to rethink a few storage drawers, too. Box cutters and scissors should go to the back!

Preparing for Younger Guests

Preparing for Younger Guests

Herodotus said, Of all possessions a friend is the most precious. That must have been before he had grandchildren.

Setting up housekeeping to welcome kids — of all ages — is a good thing.

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