Ok. I am obsessing about this new eating adventure – well, writing about it is taking up more time than it should.  But thank you reader, who agreed to be accountable with me! Just for today.

So here’s where we are at close of day: I didn’t blow it.


Maybe I am obsessing over writing about my health plan, more than I am actually doing it.  In a way, I am winging it –with this “health adventure.”  But not really, I know what I should be eating – and doing.  ( See exercise for seniors, for motivation)

In addition, I developed a grocery list so to speak of food selections that are easy to prepare and consume before I find all the chips, crackers and caramels that are hiding for a season in my cupboards.

No, I am not going to throw them out, she said with a pout and toss of her chubby self.  I might need to rethink this, given my love of all things junk.

Field Trip

Then, I traveled to Trader Joe’s, putting mental blinders on, so I would not see all their chips and cracker selections; their fabulous cookies, candies,  burritos and pizzas.  (I did park farther away from the store that I could have; extra steps, you know!)

Man! They have good stuff for the unimaginative cook!

They also have good frozen shrimp and sock-eye salmon, in manageable portions; AKMACK crackers more reasonably than other places, and a variety of healthy nuts. Of, course, I got more salad greens – crossing my fingers there are no surprise bugs.

Better Obsessions

Their frozen green beans are great – so are Aldie’s; F.Y.I.

Don’t Judge: frankly, it’s easier for me open a bag of frozen veggies, zap them and serve them. ( Are Frozen Vegetables Healthy?) I may rethink that, too.

So, with the refrigerator and pantry filled with healthier choices, Doug and I went out to dinner with friends to the local Mexican restaurant.

Did I or didn’t I

Would you believe, I did not eat [even] one chip dipped in the good salsa?

I didn’t.

Our friend had a sneezing fit all over the bowl of chips. Seriously. It was so easy to pass on that temptation!

The entre was so worth the wait  —  Quesadilla Texana.  Surprise!  I chose not to be a member of the clean plate club. Forgoing the flour tortilla and superb looking rice, I ate the steak, chicken and shrimps with grilled onions and pepper, bathed in Queso asadero or queso quesadilla. (A Brief Tour of Mexican Cheeses) Oh, and the guacamole; I ate the guac!

Quesadilla Texana


One comeuppance, however: our other dinner companion who is a wee bit older than I – by 5 or 6 years, showed me her new FITBIT. Today she clocked in almost 11,000 steps. Some days, she does 14, 000 steps.

And I wonder why she is a size 4 and I am a size _____________.

Yes, I know I am obsessing. Maybe I should rethink my writing goals if I want to get a readable first draft of The Great American Novel.

On the bright side, I am exercising some control over the clutter– Five bags of gently used clothes and beloved books no longer live in our home. Unfortunately, that doesn’t show up on the FITBIT.

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