Sitting around a hospital lobby Doug and I realized we were on another people-watching perch.  We were there providing moral support because my brother had knee replacement surgery.

Thankfully, it has gone well.

However, what we both received was confirmation that making sensible changes in diet and exercise is something we might need to continue; since, successful as we’ve been, everybody still knows who we are.  No former shadows are we of ourselves!

a wonderful perch

A Wonderful Perch on Cacapon Mountain

Both in and out of the hospital, everywhere I looked, it seemed like four out of five of us are chubbier than we should be.

Yes, I still need to keep on keepin’ on with limiting carbs and adding protein. How about you?

I needed to see so many fellow Americans, because reprogramming my food choices is hard.  It’s harder because everywhere I looked this visit, healthy eating choices were slim, no pun intended.

In one restaurant, I could order a double bacon cheese burger with a pancake in the middle. Yes, they listed the calories – which were almost a day’s worth of fuel, assuming I doubled my steps. And no, I didn’t order it.

However, I could make healthy choices.

In the hospital cafeteria, a chef made fresh sushi, and I spied a fresh salad bar, and several fresh fruits.  (Right along with bacon, burgers, pastries, French fries, sodas and  ice cream)

Even restaurants renowned for burgers and fries are adding several tasty salads, and limiting the bread and butter, short-circuiting some of my favorite excuses to  give up and give in.

 A bad habit never disappears miraculously. It’s an undo-it-yourself project. ~Abagail Van Buren(1918–2013)

Accordingly, just for today I will enjoy the choices I can make, and take a few more steps than  I planned to make – because I can. And I have a Companion who is closer than a brother.

Is it serendipitous that Psalm 130 was on my reading plan?

Maybe not.

God bless your choices today, dear readers!

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