expressing an opinion without words

Wisdom Without Words

An Opinion without Words?

Offering an opinion without words – well, how do I do that? Telling you what I think about the times through which we live  words is tough enough!

This morning, my friends at Oak Cliff Bible Church reminded me of a man who always offered his opinion of the harsh practice of racism and segregation, most often eloquently and without words. They repeated Dr. Martin Luther King’s commentary:

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

Such love may not be a burden – but it’s not easy to do on my own. I can’t out-argue the wisdom of this age, but I can serve my fellow travelers. And everybody needs a cup of cold water on this crazy wonderful journey called life, right?

My cup today will be my attitude. Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference, observed the late Winston Churchill.

Change What I Can

God willing I will change my attitude today from aggravation, apprehension, and disappointment to calm, confidence and acceptance. This may not be a once for all change, especially if I don’t stay off social media and the news! (Psalm 131)

With a changed attitude,though, maybe I will have something worth sharing, and accepting that is not my opinion. I hope to share what I need: a little patience, kindness, and gentleness; a dollop of respect and mercy, topped off with a heaping of usefulness.

Being useful, and not just busy, begins with doing what Elisabeth Elliott often counseled – do the next thing!

I think I’ll do the dishes and polish my attitude to reflect gratitude – for dishes to wash, hot water; a home; freedom, and men like Dr. King and like the women I am reading about in Hidden Figures; their lives show how love is lived out in circumstances I am ashamed to confess seemed perfectly normal for too long in my lifetime!


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