Oh! No!

Missed the Curb?

Oh! No! The words resounded in my brain.  Seeing the sidewalk accelerate toward me was upsetting; especially when I realized I was propelling toward it.  Who knows why, but I tripped over the curb while herding grandchildren into a new eatery: one with enormous windows, affording the patrons a view of my debacle.

Oh! No!

Miraculously, and I use the word deliberately, I had a slow and soft landing; almost as if time slowed down and a giant, invisible hand slowed the inevitable. Sorry to say, I did not arise with the same grace that seemed to break my fall.

Hallelujah!  I did not break or bruise the body! Yes, I am still shaking, thinking about what might have been. You know, I don’t bounce like I used to bounce. Although I have extra padding, it doesn’t protect my knees, wrists, or forehead!

It sure felt like somebody I could not see kept me injuring so much more than my pride! How and why, I can’t say; I can say Thank you.

Scripture says God sets His angels over me – and thee — dear reader.

 He ordered his angels to guard you
        wherever you go.
If you stumble, they’ll catch you;
          their job is to keep you from falling.
(Psalm 91:11-12 from THE MESSAGE.)

So, I am writing to praise God, and thank anybody who saw me going down, and prayed for my protection, including my grandkids: Thank you!

There is only one thing more painful than learning from experience, and that is not learning from experience. ~Laurence J. Peter

Memo to self . . . intercession when I see or hear about people’s troubles is a way to stay useful, even when I wind up flat on my face for no discernable reason, saying Oh! No!

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