A Cheeky Put-Down

I learned on CBS Sunday Morning a new put-down. I was hurt.

OK, Boomer is the current generation’s cheeky put-down of my generation. It expresses the exasperation younger folks feel with our hypocrisy, incompetence, and curmudgeonliness. But, I hadn’t heard this put-down. However, it stung as we watched Faith Salie exploring what OK, Boomer means.

Doug and I just looked at each other. Sigh:  Old age always comes at a bad time.

Whatever the piece was, it made the point that my generation’s expiration date is passing.  (Doug is part of the Silent Generation . . . He robbed the craddle.)

OK Boomer means those who are assuming the mantle have had it with my generation’s aspirations, accomplishments, and excesses. I get that.  Me, too!

Never can we prepare for what life throws our way – blessings, or trials. I’ve struck out, blowing opportunities to do good or be good. I wish those stepping up to the plate a better time at bat than I, or my generation, had.

If I may, I’ll paraphrase Texas governor Greg Abbot:  “God didn’t cause [my troubles], but He did help me persevere over that enormous challenge.” (God Put You in a Wheelchair )

So, Gen X, Y and Z  . . . if you have a pulse this morning, you will have a purpose.  We all do!

Although I may feel discounted, ignored, or criticized, in Christ I have an identity, purpose, and a Friend. You do, too.

No, Nobody likes being the object disrespect! What’s more we each hate it when we feel others  ignore us; or, criticize us!

My Friend understands . . . Been there, done that. (See Isaiah 53:3)

Ok, Boomer: although you’re almost out of date you have a pulse!

My pulse confirms I still have a purpose. My generation’s  purpose wasn’t pontificating, or pouting, but praying. And serving. A truth I wish I had discovered sooner; a truth I hope the newcomers to power and authority will understand more quickly than I did.

It’s never too late.

Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know. Jeremiah 33:3

Congratulations, Boomers! (and everybody else) This  day is ours, all ours, to spend how we choose. Spend it wisely.

ok boomer

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