Old Memories

In my mind’s eye I see them, a father and his small son enjoying the Dallas Arboretum – a glorious place to wander, and ponder. If the plantings don’t make an impression on you, the people often do! Both plantings and people created memories that have lasted.

The young father paused in a walk through the arboretum – an altar to man’s gardening genius. He spoke to his small son. I watched the exchange; I could not hear the content.

What did he say?

  • Look son at what man can achieve. Or,
  • Look son at what the Lord enabled.

What we teach our children to observe is our top priority. It is what most all the animals teach their young, right? If animals used words, it might sound like . . .

Pay attention to your surroundings, for your life depends on it!

How do we teach our children to pay attention to their surroundings?

Some lesson plans may depend on what we see as beneficial, dependable, and fruitful in the world in which they live.

What I saw as necessary when my kids were growing up has deepened and narrowed. And I am not certain everything I saw as beneficial, dependable, and fruitful was exactly that.

I have a hard time with rules – although for too long variations and aberrations of so many conventions got mixed up and ruled with what I thought God said.

Since I am admitting what is patently and painfully obvious, I hope this year – well, today, actually, I can follow the One who made the Rules and followed them.

Oh! if I could only sit down and have a talk with my thirty something self!

Well, I can’t. Knowing me, it might have fallen on deaf ears . . . I was too impressed with myself. (Ecclesiastes 12)

It is providential, serendipitous and just plain lucky then that the devotional I hope to read through this year is about wisdom: A Year of Daily Devotions in the Book of Proverbs ~God’s Wisdom for Navigating Life.

 Today’s prayer hit the bulls-eye:

Lord, I tend to be smug about my right beliefs. I love to think I know the truth, but even when I do, I don’t know how to use it. Please bring into my life what is necessary for wisdom to grow, and then remind me that I received it from you. (p. 2)



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