One of my regrets is not pursuing art. I remember only one acquaintance in high school who was bound and determined to pursue art – and she enrolled in the Maryland Institute of Art: a daring choice the aspiring English major thought.

I wonder where her choice took her.  (The Road Not Taken) I know where mine is leading . . .  I am not yet the author of the great American novel.

How-some-ever, one of the delights in this age is the ease with which I can see art on line, and read pithy quotes; hear music, and stay connected with people, places and things.

I can also see goads to quit doing stuff I will regret!

I read in the Dallas Morning news many may not understand their risk of dementia.  Protecting ourselves from this humbling horror is still the subject of ongoing research. High blood pressure and diabetes have been linked;  “. . .research shows regular exercise, a good diet, limiting alcohol and not smoking make dementia less likely.”  But, this remark stopped me:

“Many said they tried at least one of four unproven memory-protecting methods, including taking supplements like fish oil and ginkgo. The most popular strategy was doing crossword puzzles. Mental stimulation is thought to help, but there’s stronger evidence for more challenging activities than puzzles — things like playing chess, taking a class, reading about unfamiliar topics, said Keith Fargo, who oversees research and outreach programs at the Alzheimer’s Association. He was not involved in the study.” (My emphasis)

Consequently, if you catch me reading a book about physics, you’ll know I exercising the little gray cells (or something is about to freeze over).

A better exercise is reading the Scriptures.

Just working through Ecclesiastes or Proverbs is a mental workout for me. So is plowing through Job; I wind up agreeing with his friends, until the last couple of chapters. No, I prefer Psalm 131: it’s a reminder why I can get my knickers in a wad so fast.

Another one of my regrets is that I can still put news about people, places and things ahead of this better exercise.  How grateful I am, then, for all the reminders set before my face, when I open Facebook instead of my Bible and  see reminders, in memes and messages that God’s waiting for a little visit. He’s not as unreadable as a physics text would be . . . Anyway, as Mark Twain quipped:


Get Over thy Fears!

 Finally, another one of my regrets is how I still can easily put off doing the next thing – like making my bed, the dishes, or painting – and I am working on a doozy: One that will exercise my cute old self . . . body, mind and spirit! So, I regrouped and did the dishes, am debating the bed, and moving on to the painting.


The best way to get something done is to begin. ~Anonymous Wisdom




PS: I did reread Psalm 131.

As you grow older, you’ll find the only things you regret are the things you didn’t do. ~Zachary Scott

(Like changing your habits, attitudes and diet! — beats reading a physics text.)

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