the Gift

Have You Opened Your Gift?

Christmas is the time of year where many of us search for or make creative expressions to say “I love you.” Its origin is God saying it first.

Alas, too often even before the day is over, some of the expressions of love break – or are dismissed – forgotten, or even returned the very next day. Or not even given:  sometimes we realize with horror we have forgotten someone, neglecting to get them even a card!

God’s love never breaks, although it is often dismissed and forgotten.

Sadly, too often, we return His gift, preferring the personal peace and affluence so freely available from so many venues. And an increasing number of us say, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

I struggle with God’s gift – and I am too often careless and ungrateful – questioning how am I supposed to use what I can’t see, rely on what I do not understand, and give away what fewer people seem to want. But I embrace in my heart, and trust with my reason that God has freely given His Son to set me free from the silly, strong chains that trip me up, binding me to fear and resentment and grief. Each year, His gift of a hope and a future become more precious – and unfathomable.

Today, may the wonder of the holiday become sustaining hope and help in our lives, for that is what Christ gives.

Psalm 113

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