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Unraveling the Knot Eczema  Can Be

Unraveling the Knot Eczema Can Be

Over the years, I discovered one thread is woven through many discussions of eczema:  emotional wellness.  Stress and anxiety can be as effective triggers of an eczema flare as fragrances, and other environmental factors.  When the skin doctors once asked if I felt...

Hallowed Ground in My Neighborhood

I Heard “And this room is where the late term abortions were performed,” the guide said. I recently toured a former abortion facility. Now it is a pregnancy recourses center. I stared into a large room, stunned that anything like this could have happened a few blocks...

Was it a Wart or a Thorn?

Was it a Wart or a Thorn?

When is a Wart Not Wart? For nearly eighteen months, I thought I had one problem; so did a doctor. Together, we followed a course of treatment. I thought I had a wart on my little old foot, she did too. I tried the home remedies yo no avail; she tried the medical...

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