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Eavesdropping on an Ancient Interview Eavesdropping on an Ancient Interview is an imagined dialogue, from Mary's point of view, with the Gospel author, Luke, about the Incarnation and birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. In it she proves to be a woman of wit and wisdom,...


Welcome, Friends! A garden is a friend you can visit anytime, declares a large stone in a well tended  garden.  And that’s my hope for this blog, that Autumn’s Garden will be like a friend you can visit anytime in these uncertain times that are today.  ...

What’s Changed?

What’s Changed?

In the past fifteen months, what’s changed?  The pandemic and 2020’s fallout have been changing me, just when I thought I was too old to change.  Nobody’s ever that old, right?*   I can’t predict for how long these changes will last; but here’s how I am changing for...

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