Simple Treasures

The Gerber daisies that have survived through February – heretofore an unimaginable accomplishment — attest to the mildness of this year’s winter. (Yes, I know, I cut them – and ended their survival.) But here they are – as I listen to John Rutter’s All Thing Bright and Beautiful, and savor this morning’s fresh hot coffee.

Wish you were here!

Moments of peace and calm are treasures indeed – seeing things – like my treasures that surround the daises – and the comfort of my husband’s company — these are blessings that I can’t put into words.

We saw the movie Risen, and one segment, and one line repeated, highlights the respite this morning feels like. When the risen Christ asked the seeking Centurion, Clavius, what he wanted, and then answered it for him

a day without death

These days I hear more than I ever imagined of death – literally because of wars; but, spiritually because of the pain that shadows so many of our steps. No, not to the extent of that centurion – or what our soldiers, police, doctors, nurses, or social workers daily see – but enough to know a moment of beauty, and embrace a gift of peace, and hope to pass it on, gentle reader.

Gratitude turns what we have into enough. ~Anonymous

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