Pneumonia weather my mother called it. Whether it was a sudden change from cold weather to warmer, or a sudden chilly day in a warm spell; pneumonia weather it was.

Turns out, Mom wasn’t too wrong: The Weather and Pneumonia.

Today was such a day; unseasonably warm, partly sunny and  partly gray. 

Still, it was a grand opportunity for a turn around the block; a turn I haven’t made in several weeks.  Use it or lose it, as they say. 

As I headed out, I noticed  the Lenten roses are budding; Ash Wednesday is March the 5th. 

lenten rose

Lenten Roses (Helleborus Orientalis)**

The setting sun, clouds and winter-dressed trees did not disappoint. 

pneumonia weather

A little fresh air would be good for you just now. The weather is lovely; and a little stroll in the park will bring the colour back to your cheeks. ~J. Palgrave Simpson, 1884*

Whatever the weather

A day of simple pleasures today has been —getting a haircut, seeing family, receiving a check for some paintings . . . and another one coming! Time to return to the porch! 

Our recent bout with COVID zapped me of the zealous determination that motivated me for the past four years. 

end of year

Not all, but many remaining pandemic paintings

So, I have enjoyed Thoughts on Art & Artists by Robert and Joan Brault; his words, her artwork. I have more than a few works under construction — or reconstruction.

You start making progress in life when you realize you don’t always have to resume where you left off. (Page 62)


Given the attempts I’ve made these past few weeks to paint, this wry comment lightened my mood:

One unique thing about the artist’s endeavor is that you never know if you are having a bad brush day or launching a new genre. (page28)

Here’s hoping the last Saturday in January will be a better one than the first Saturday was. And that the weather will not bring us pneumonia.

Or I never will get back to painting! And I NEED to get back to my dream world!


And painting also keeps you sane . . .

*The Quote Garden

** Lenten Roses

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