Poetry and Art


Poetry and art are tonics more potent than Geritol. To see, to hear, to feel, to write are gifts — like Christmas every day.

Age can open our eyes to truths
we may not have had the time to see,
so busy were we just being.

Words can become our brushes —
Memories are our paints,
and today just may be
a canvas  of unfolding proportions.

On a chilly autumn morning
reading, coffee in hand
cruising the ‘Net
I open the cyber-door to a friendly place.

Here, I see words and paintings,
as I hear music, comforting, and delighting;
I feel Doug’s quiet companionship
that the decades have forged –

Christmas came early.

Here are the words and paintings behind that cyber-door that encouraged me. I hope you will click the link and enjoy, too, from Art and Theology: Leavetaking by Anne Porter

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